Monday, 29 February 2016

Jawsome's Movie Poster Love Den

Everything about this poster just says "THIS IS WHAT WAS SO GREAT ABOUT THE '80S". Don't agree? Well kiss my ass, because I love the shit out of this film and the poster just illustrates just how epic 'Masters of the Universe' was. It may have had a limited budget, and certain aspects may look tacky, but in a way this film has achieved cult status; well in my mind it has. Something that has always stuck with me is the way Dolph Lundgren is sculpted in this poster. And there's just something about the colour of his skin and how he looks all sweaty...what can I say even as a little girl it was a bit of a turn on for me. Either way I think this is a great representation of He-Man, even if they didn't have all the resources to make it something less cheesy. Embrace this shit people!!


  1. have you ever noticed how Skeletors hoverhand is 100% at the top of his a game here?

  2. Yes!! it really is at the top of his game!!
    But in all seriousness how awesome is this poster. It is just so beautiful.