Sunday, 13 December 2015

Mickey's Photoshop Corner of Love

A little while ago a friend from work, showed me some talents of his when it came to photoshop. He is a fan of craptacular cinema like myself. We would often talk a lot about movies, and what would like to see get awesome DVD and Blu Ray releases. One day at work we discussed at length 
at how funny it would be if 'Piranha II: The Spawning' were to be released as a Criterion Collection Blu Ray. What a change it would be from seeing the usual Wes Anderson films being released every few months. Just one hilariously bad film to be released as a Criterion would be great; we can dream right? Later that night I was sent Mickey's photoshopped cover, and what you see right now is the final product. What do you think? I still snicker like a mad man whenever I look at it.

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