Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Love and Film

Could you be in a serious relationship with someone who isn't passionate about film the way you are? Okay film buffs, we have all been there right? We have dated someone who may not be into films as much as ourselves, and deep down we have thought we could change them...Or is it just me?

I remember there was a time where I just had met the best people of my life...and yes they are still in my life, they are my best friends and my god they have the most amazing and eclectic taste of films I have ever seen. With these friends we participated in movie nights together, which is something I had never done with a group of friends before. We relished sitting there for about 8 hours, drinking cherry coke, eating pizza and watching terrible films...okay terrible isn't the best word...SHIT,..yep beyond SHIT, that it so painful to watch. You know the kind where at first you are laughing at how bad it is, but soon the bad acting and shoddy dialogue starts to wear thin pretty damn quickly. Anyways I was so happy that I could finally share my love from craptacular films with my best friends, but I won't lie I felt like I was being held back just a little...by my boyfriend at the time. To this day I am still not sure why I stayed with him for two years especially after he broke many cardinal rules.

Cardinal Rule #1 - Do NOT fall asleep in the opening credits to Rocky II
Cardinal Rule #2 - Do NOT badmouth Kickboxer...EVER
Cardinal Rule #3 - Do NOT sit on your phone playing games all night when invited to a friends house
Cardinal Rule #4 - Do NOT badmouth my taste in film when you haven't even seen ANYTHING
Cardinal Rule #5 - Do NOT call my friends weird for liking the films that they do

These were just a few of the rules that were broken by my ex-boyfriend. Okay, they weren't really rules, more just things he did which pissed me off. Anyways you get the idea. Have you ever wanted to share a film that was really important to you, something that influenced who you are, to someone you thought could appreciate it too? But then they would just piss on it and make you feel like a complete idiot for loving it? Yeah that happened to me. It's definitely my fault for choosing this person, because hey we have all been with dip-shits because we were young and didn't know any better. But once I had gone through that I made sure that the next man in my life is as passionate about film as I am...and guess what, he is!

The man I am currently with is in love with films, just as much as me. Sure we both have very different tastes in some ways, but in other ways we love the same things too. He respects my love for Shaw Bros, Exploitation and just B-Grade kick-assery, and I respect his love for bigger blockbusters and Science Fiction. We make compromises and it works. There are many reasons I fell in love with this fine specimen, most of which are between he and I, however I will share a story which I think film buffs may find somewhat endearing.

About a year ago, he stayed over for the very first time - Get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn't like that. Anyways the next morning we were laying in bed just talking about movies, and just overall talking crap and then he said these words; "What's your malfunction Rico?" And the thoughts in my brain went a little something like this; "Holy shit, he just quoted Starship Troopers, I heard that correctly yes? Okay Jade play it cool, do not let him know you find it a turn on when a man quotes movies". Needless to say I eventually fell in love with this wonderful man, but it was that quote that got the ball rolling.  As time went on I found out he had seen some of the same documentaries as me, and no one I knew had seen them, which were awesome for conversation starters which would lead into deeper discussions. Film has been a big part of our relationship, and definitely opened up a part of us to one another. I know people say that you don't have to have the same interests for a relationship to work, but I am not sure if i believe that. I think whatever the interest is, you can definitely grow a big portion of your love around that and the most amazing thing is you can both feed off that passion that you have.

The main point of this little entry is that I hope all you film buffs out there find someone who will watch your favourite film with you and try to love it as much as you. I also hope you can experience films together which make you laugh, make you cry, or even fire you up. You all deserve that, and no partner should ever make you feel weird or abnormal for loving what you do. Watching films could be compared to being in a relationship. We all go through a lot of things, both good and bad, and we also watch films,  again both good and bad, and a special kind of person will get you through those bad times just like they will sit with you until the end of a bad film. I am not the best at expressing love, so this is as romantic as I can get while explaining what I think it is...Love and film go together, you just need that person who also understands that.

The way I look at it my partner is my idea of the perfect film. My perfect film contains passion, humour, depth, charisma, action and love; and the best part is, I get to watch it every damn day!

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